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QUOTES by Imam W. Deen Mohammed

"What we should be concentrating on is establishing ourselves; the whole life, and follow our own purpose.  That purpose for us now is to obey the law as Muslims following the Quran and the Prophet (PBUH)." _____________________
"Freedom Is To Move In Our Intellect To A Greater Vision, A Greater Purpose, To A Greater Responsibility Until We Are Comfortable With Ourselves In Our Life And In Our Purpose On This Earth.  Until That Happens, We Will Continue To Be A Burdened And Confused People. It's A Natural Requirement, The Life Of Every Human Being That Their Intellect Be Liberated." _____________________
“G-d gives us a picture that he is drawing. G-d is painting a picture with words and is making a big screen before our eyes with beautiful things, with men and challenges for the men, to get us to see the life that He wants us in.”

"It's important to know ourselves to see the picture clearly: Muslims are not just a people of faith, Musl…
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On Hajj

Nathaniel Omar interviews Imam W. Deen Mohammed Aug. 25, 2001.Q: Brother Imam, we want to thank you for giving us this opportunity to interview you on the Hajj. Over the years, you have taught us to look deeper into concepts -religious concepts and other concepts. Is Hajj like that? Does it have surface meaning but also a more powerful and deeper meaning that those without insight are likely to miss? Would you explain?Imam Mohammed: As-Salaam Alaikum. I think the meaning that is most important is not deep, it's plain. It's plain and easy to grasp by ordinary minds. But it's the meaning that I think most of us miss. That meaning is the one given by the learned scholars and Imams. This obvious one says that Hajj is the unity of mankind, especially in Islam. Islam is a model and should be the model of Islam for mankind, for all people.It is the Unity in the humanity that G-d created when He created our first parent, Adam, Peace be upon him. The meaning is Unity and Oneness fo…


Imam W Deen Mohammed Public Address at the 2005 ILMW Conference (New England Chapter)Thank you, Sis. Sahirah, International President of this great women's international organization. We are very proud of them. They dignify all of us with their service to humanity, especially to the women who need their services, who need their help. And we know that if you help a woman, you help many.Prayers and the peace be on our Prophet Muhammed. That is the traditional salute to him. He said to one who was asking him how to share himself with this mother and father, who had become of old age and both of them needed his help. He was asking the Prophet how was he to share himself with his mother and father.The Prophet said to him, "Help your mother." The man was still waiting for more from the Prophet. The Prophet again said, "Help your mother." And then he said, "And help your father." So the emphasis is on the mother, and the mother is symbolic of the collective …

Religion & Business

We greet you with Peace. Peace be unto all of you, As Salaam Alaikum. We live in the best times, perhaps, ever on this planet earth. I know in man's history, this is the best time ever. Jesus and Muhammed, the Prophets, peace be on both of them, pointed to this time. They said that much greater things would happen in the times ahead.
They did not say the greatest things were happening in their time. They pointed to the future. Now we have come to that future. There is a saying that can be applied to many kinds of situations in our family life and public life and especially in this time where man is connected all over the planet earth.
TIME POINTED TO BY JESUS AND MUHAMMEDThere was a time when man did not know that man was living in another place. If you were in the Old World before the New World was discovered, they thought that was all the world. They thought they already were connected with all the people; they did not know about people all over the world.
Now we have been connecte…