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Why We Celebrate Father's Day

Wall Street Journal Article Excerpt

Updated June 13, 1997 12:01 a.m.


Imam W. Deen Mohammed heads the Ministry of W. Deen Mohammed, the largest African-American Muslim group in the U.S.:

"In most of the countries of the world, religion has treasured traditional family life, in which sex has meaning as a strong bonding element between husband and wife. In this view, sex has an inherent social aim. Its purpose is organized family life.

When sex is understood and valued in this way, and its human and social meaning is carried over into public quarters, then public life has a strong social and moral foundation. Thus it was men who saw honest work as an expression of their masculinity who were most sought after by decent women. Such men also understood sex in the context of civilization, and took seriously their obligations as husbands and fathers. The term "father" commanded respect.

What has come to be called "pop" culture has crowded out the traditional view of sex and morality. If we are to restore civilization's traditional respect for fathers, we must first restore respect for the traditions on which it was based."

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09/03/1976 - RAMADAN

With Allah’s Name, the Merciful Benefactor, the Merciful Redeemer; Peace and Blessings upon His Servant and His Messenger, Muhammed, forever. Amen.
There is no G-d but Allah; Muhammed is the Messenger of Allah.
My Dear Brothers and Sisters, we ask Allah's joyous blessings upon His Servant and Messenger, Muhammed, to whom He revealed the Holy Qur’an. In this month, Muslims fast because this is the month (Ramadan) in which the Holy Qur’an was revealed.
It is a guidance, an evidence, and a criterion for all people. In Islam, a great beauty is that moral development is equally possible for women as it is for men. There is no distinction between the male and the female in the way of piety — spiritual development, moral development.
In this article, we want to look at the meaning of the fast for Muslims and we also want to look at the problems encountered by those who do not understand the meaning of "fast."
Muslims are not spiritualists, we are human beings. Spiritualists seek to develop the spiritual nature or the spiritual form, but they forget about the human development and material development.
We are not trying to "see" something that is not already seen when we fast. The heavens and the earth have already been revealed. We see stars in the sky, we see the sun, we see ourselves, and we see many of the manifestations of Almighty Allah.
The Holy Qur’an says that Allah is both the apparent and the hidden. We do not have to worry about the hidden things in creation, we believe in the apparent things. We
trust that Allah will reveal whatever is necessary for mankind and we trust that He will also give us what He has promised us. That promise is life in this world and life in the Hereafter.
The Pursuit Of Mysteries
Muslims are not people who are overly concerned about the mysteries of things. There are many individuals and many communities that love the mysterious things of life and who spend their valuable lives looking for something that does not exist.
Some of them think that they should be able to put G-d in a test tube or under a microscope on a slide. They think that G-d is something that is inferior that can be examined like we examine matter (common creation).
But G-d is a superior being and it is not within the power of any human being nor is it within the power of creation itself to contain Him. Because G-d Himself contains everything, it is not in our power to grasp Him in His entirety.
The Holy Qur’an says that G-d is Al-Akbar, meaning that He is the bigger or the greater. How can that which is smaller contain that which is larger? It is impossible. Once a man grasps a thing in its entirety, he has become the master of that thing. If we are going to become the master of our G-d, then our G-d will no longer be the G-d — we will be "G-d" over our G-d.
So we Muslims are not people who mystify ourselves or who engage in the pursuit of mysteries. There are many people all over the world who have mystified themselves by engaging in the pursuit of mysteries.
They have gone out of the real world as hermits, monks, and nuns, leaving the development of the society to others. Today the world needs saving, but what do they have to offer to save the world? They can offer nothing but spiritual exercises that are of no real consequence or significance when it comes to running the world.
G-d's Ruler In The Earth
Muslims are people who have been called the caliph of G-d. A caliph is the man (mind) or human being who is G-d's custodian or G-d's ruler in the earth. He is put here to tend to the matters in the physical world. If man becomes too "spiritual" or too mysterious, he neglects his number one job which is to be a custodian in the world.
But if he pursues the light that has been given to us by the prophets and that has been made pure, perfect and complete by Prophet Muhammed (May Allah be pleased with Him) in the Holy Qur’an, he will not be led to extremes.
The true light of G-d will lead us down the even path, the middle way. We follow that light which will lead us to more perfection, more development, and a greater abundance of all the goods that G-d has provided for us.
His goods are not limited to just spiritual goodness, but He has opened up the channels of material goodness, spiritual goodness, and many other blessings.
The Holy Qur’an says that Allah's blessings are without number. He blesses us and we cannot count His blessings no matter how much we desire to count them.
The Muslim life is a full life, a balanced life, and a life that accepts the challenge that G-d has given to us. That challenge is to live "in" this world and not to live outside of the world.
When we fast, remember that we are not trying to discover a mystery, but we are trying to better deal with the things that are already revealed. If we do this, we will be successful.
The Fiery World Of Desire
The meaning of Ramadan according to the Arabic religious dictionary is "great heat." In the Arabian Desert, it gets so hot in the middle of the day with the sun heating the desert that the feet of the animals have to be wrapped in order to protect them from the burning heat of the desert.
The month of fast takes its name from the great heat of the desert. The spiritual meaning of the word Ramadan is this: we live in a world that is adverse to us (pulling against us). It is a world that tries to excite our weaknesses and to build up the fires of destruction within us.
So we live in a world that is a fiery world of desire for those things that lead to extremes and destruction. We call them "the flames of passion," in the words of the poet.
These are flames that excite the person to extremes, that make him spiritually drunk, that make him morally drunk, and that make him mentally drunk.
Because we have to have some kind of protection against the flames of passion of the flesh, G-d has naturally equipped us with a protection. Man is to blame for his sins and for the wrongs he inflicts upon himself.
G-d has created the world naturally. If we look at the natural truth that plainly exists before us, if we follow it, and if we nee our good senses — we will not get in so much trouble.
Mercy Instead Of Justice
 Holy Qur’an 31:1-3 A guide and a mercy
1. A.L.M.
2. These are verses of the Wise Book, -
3. A Guide and a Mercy to the doers of Good,-
Because we lose our senses, G-d comes to us with mercy instead of with justice. It is a mercy that He revealed religion to us because He has already been good to us without blessing us with revealed religion.
He has established the order of justice, the order of sanity (balance), in His creation. Even without a revelation from a prophet, any creature can come into this world and live a good life, but when we go off on the wrong track and" ignore the rules that G-d established in His natural creation, then He comes with mercy.
The Holy Qur’an says that it is revealed as a mercy to the people. Prophet Muhammed (May Allah be pleased with him) is not a justice to the people nor is he something due to the people, he is a mercy to the people.
At the beginning, there was no necessity for G-d to reveal His truth to us because His way has always been right. When the way of G-d is corrupted by man, there is a need for some one to come and correct it.
When G-d sends his Messengers or His prophets to correct the way, it is a mercy to the rebellious, ignorant, and greedy people.
Appetites Unchecked By Knowledge
Muslims have the Ramadan fast as a protection for us. During this month, we learn to control the destructive, fiery passions of the biological nature. The biological nature needs a horseman over it, riding it and keeping it in check. If intelligence does not keep it in check, we begin to act like animals that can only follow their instincts.
Even though animals do not have the power to reason with intelligence, there is no problem of obesity among them because they follow their instincts. The human being does not follow instinct, his intelligence is supposed to guide him. The Holy Qur’an cautions us against being misled by our "appetites unchecked by knowledge."
When there is much food available to eat, the man who is weak in will power and knowledge will gorge himself because he is not checked by instinct. G-d has given him intelligence with which he must check himself.
Islam is a religion that awakes our full form and our full being, and it shows us what we should do (the proper thing to do). Islam teaches us to use our intelligence and to check the wild flames of passion.
When you blow on a flame and give it more air, it rises up higher. When the winds of emotion and the winds of false spirituality blow on the desires in our flesh, they blow them out of proportion (out of form). Pretty soon, they have become wild fires that take over our whole body. After awhile, they take over our house and our community. The winds of desire and the winds of emotionalism blow against the fires and make great flames that set us afire and that burn up the good which Allah has created for us.
The Fire That Does Not Consume
We want the fire that burns, but that does not consume.  It is the fire that consumes gross matter, but that leaves the purity in the human being. The purifying fire does not burn up that which is good, it only burns up that which is no good. As it burns out the falsehood and gross matter, it sends out polluted smoke from the body and leaves nothing but a clean, healthy person. That is the fire of Allah, a fire in which the believers love to bathe. It does not harm the righteous, but it burns up the devil. He screams in pain when he is burned by this fire because his life is in filth and falsehood. The true believer, however, relaxes and bathes in the fire of Allah because he knows that it is the fire that will purify him in his human form.
May Allah bless all the Muslims with a successful Ramadan fast.

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Memorial Day

Quote by Imam W. Deen Mohammed

"This is the Memorial Day Weekend, and memorial means that this day honors somebody or persons who should be remembered. They are the people who fought and lost their lives, so we could have this peace and security that we enjoy as citizens of the United States of America. We honor them and pay tribute to them on this day.

Also we must take full advantage at every occasion, when there is a holiday that gives us time off from work, to meet together for every important interest that we have as a community, to study and strengthen the situation for our schools and masajid, for our business people, for our financial needs.

The sick have to be taken care of. The little ones without parents have to be taken care of. These are all obligations spelled out for us very clearly in the Holy Qur'an. The weak have to be taken care of, not to mention that our investments have to be protected. As much as possible, we want to qualify to finance our own investments. So we have to work at that.

It is not going to happen, unless we work for it. Allah says that there is nothing for the human person, except that he strives for it, that you make a real hard effort - you have to strive for it. It is very difficult, and you are going and going but it is not with ease. It is with difficulty. That is our history."

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Imam W. Deen Mohammed Weekly Articles - 1978-April-7


A woman's identity is in her basic nature—motherhood. A woman's unique nature creates her motherhood. She does not have to birth a child to come into motherhood. "Mother" as a social role, a leadership role for which physical motherhood is a symbol. Motherhood does not mean ability or capacity of only giving birth; it also means in addition, having the responsibility and authority of a mother (to look after and care for life as the mother does. Therefore, all women are by their nature and qualities mothers. Little girls are mother-like. The reproductive function in a woman naturally gives her distinct physical and social desires and a strong motherly interest in life and society.

Women need to take a new look at the role of motherhood in (the world and they need to re-assess, re-evaluate and re-establish the importance of the role of motherhood in the world. Motherhood is the most valuable attribute to society. Woman does not have to have a baby, or even be fertile to be a mother. To be a mother is to be a mother-like leader. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), called women who served the community well—mothers. In the Catholic Church system where clergy or officials are arranged in order of grade, rank, or class, the highest rank of female is called mother, usually Mother Superior. These cloistered females certainly do not have babies or children of their own. They are called mothers because they fulfill the beneficial leadership role that Almighty God has assigned to the female.

Women are mothers first and always. They are mothers for their families inside their homes, but they should also be mothers for the block that they live on, for the nation they live in and for the world that we all live in. In short, mother means leadership in society. Mother leadership is essential. The loss or absence of this very important role has caused many of the problems in the world today.

Women need to repossess the lost leadership role of motherhood. They should be active leaders in the community. We need motherhood leadership at every level of national life. Women, because of their natural stamina and keen interest, should push for the creation of a better life that would benefit and cover the whole world. Women should work for things that will be completed by them rather than start and stop in the first stage and leave them as many men often do.

Apathy is the absence of feeling for each other as we should feel, It is the lack of concern about the terrible things that are happening around us. In other words, apathy means lack of interest and indifference. Mothers cannot afford to be apathetic, because all of the worthwhile, desirable and excellent qualities which the world needs rest in a very significant part and depend on the leadership of motherhood. That leadership is naturally concerned about the health and welfare of all human life—the home, the community and the nation.

If, through changing times and attitudes, a conspiracy has formed to diminish the role of women or cause women to become apathetic, it is our duty to disarm the conspiracy and re-establish and restore women to their rightful and deserved role of leadership in our society. And we should lend our whole and sincere support to their efforts in assuming their leadership role as mothers of the nation. When we have done this, we will have reached the core, the central or innermost heart of society. That is motherhood.

We must have motherhood in the home and in the nation. We need those sentiments serving the best interest of the nation which are by nature female generated. We need the keen eye of motherhood watching over the land. Intelligent men know world leadership is best when it is combined with the wisdom which originates from fatherhood and with the wisdom which originates from motherhood. Female interest coming from the lungs of motherhood reaches us as solutions to problems and not merely as attacks upon conditions. The leadership role of motherhood over the nation requires that women meet the present challenge to eliminate the corruption and cruelties which modern society has imposed upon the woman. Because of the imposition of cruelty and corruption which surround us, the motherhood forces of heart and intellect are needed to save human life for America and the world.

Peace be to you
Your brother in service to Allah,
Wallace D. Muhammad

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QUOTES by Imam W. Deen Mohammed

"What we should be concentrating on is establishing ourselves; the whole life, and follow our own purpose.  That purpose for us now is to obey the law as Muslims following the Quran and the Prophet (PBUH)."

"Freedom Is To Move In Our Intellect To A Greater Vision, A Greater Purpose, To A Greater Responsibility Until We Are Comfortable With Ourselves In Our Life And In Our Purpose On This Earth.  Until That Happens, We Will Continue To Be A Burdened And Confused People. It's A Natural Requirement, The Life Of Every Human Being That Their Intellect Be Liberated."

“G-d gives us a picture that he is drawing. G-d is painting a picture with words and is making a big screen before our eyes with beautiful things, with men and challenges for the men, to get us to see the life that He wants us in.”



"It's important to know ourselves to see the picture clearly: Muslims are not just a people of faith, Muslims are not just a people belonging to a religion, Muslims are people obligated to live a model community life. G-d says He made us a witness for mankind, a witness for all people. Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) is a witness for us. He's a witness for us, if we are following his way, and a witness against us, if we are not following."



"Whatever excellence Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) achieved in life, it was possible for the mortal human being, because he is a mortal human being just like us. And the point is made; it is emphasized in the Qur’an so that we would know that. That Prophet Muhammed’s (PBUH) excellence is not something that’s up in the sky, beyond human reach. Prophet Muhammed’s (PBUH) excellence is on earth with mortal human beings. And we are obligated to grow into that excellence that is exemplified in Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), peace and blessings be on him. That’s the human being women, men; all of us.  We are to grow into the excellence of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), because he is the example for all of us."



“G-d created people to be a community and it is only in community where you get your full freedom to live out your capacity or your ability as a human being.”



"The human family has human family solidarity. As our destiny, we have to accept the unity of the human family. Man has progressed socially and materially on this earth with a position now, globally speaking, that we cannot accept to ignore other nations and other people."



"This is Independence Day, and I am inviting you to come to my meaning of Patriotism and walk these streets and know that they belong to you as much as they belong to any man.  And see your future in this country and believe that the world is open to you as much as it is open to any man.  Go on and build a great life for yourself, as much as any man in the United States of America."



"All we have the power to do is respect our good nature, respect the good life that G-d created us with. And as long as we respect the good life that G-d created us with, we have a sure defense against Satan.  Something that seems small with no power has the power to defeat Satan, and that is your goodness inside you.  Just stay with your goodness and Satan can't touch you. If you practice staying with that goodness long enough and faithful enough - you are not letting sex tempt you away from it; you are not letting greed for money tempt you away from it; you are not letting fear of wrongdoers or bullies take it away from you if you stick with that long enough, you will win guaranteed protection from Satan.  He won't be able to come at you in any way. You will be in Paradise, and he can never come into Paradise. He hates Paradise, just like he hates the righteous servant."



"The Qur'an makes it possible for the human intellect to connect back with the creation as Allah intended for the intellect to be connected with the creation. The Qur'an is therefore the key, the miftah; the key that opens up the creation again for man to get the proper benefit that Allah, his G-d, his Lord, his Creator intended for him. That's a great mercy!"



"Education is the greatest tool for advancing the society"



“We are disciplining our whole life for the Sake of G-d, and G-d says in the Qur'an: "Fasting is for Me."



"We have to understand that Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), when he was leading his people with others with him like Abu Bakr, he said to them: "See that you don't uproot or destroy the culture of the people. But give them Islam so that it will modify their culture and beautify the culture of the people and make it strong for G-d."



That tells us that all Muslims are free to have their own cultural life expressed by them and that it should come out of them. We shouldn't impose culture on another people. We are talking about culture now in the sense of dress, not education. But education, too, is culture and it has to come out of them too, and it has to be influenced by Qur'an and Prophet Muhammed's (PBUH) life."



"We should understand this as our Prophet (PBUH) told us, that Allah created the world to bring us together, to draw all people together. Now we see the answer to that. We don't have to guess at what that means any more. The material interests have brought us together to be seen as one world; mainly in transportation, communication and economics.  We have to live with one another and live side by side as nations and work together as members of a One World Order. The Prophet (PBUH) said Be careful how you treat your neighbor."



"If you want to really do something about your condition, learn to respect money. In your religion everything deserves respect. If you get $10 in your hands, then know that is $10. Look at what you need today and spend that $10 very carefully. If you can manage today without touching that $10, then do not touch it.  I don't care how poor you are, you are supposed to save something for tomorrow."



"Muhammed the Prophet (PBUH) said that G-d has inscribed excellence on or for everything. And another saying of his (PBUH) is, whenever the believer endeavors to do something, the believer seeks to perfect it, to make it excellent."

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The Qur’an Is A book Of Guidance

Ramadan Session
Imam W. Deen Mohanmed

As-Salaam Alaikum.  Blessed Ramadan and a Blessed Eid, if I don’t see you before then.  We thank you for responding to the invitation and we wanted you to know that it wasn’t really a request. Because a request to me is stronger than an invitation. It wasn’t a request. It was just an invitation.  Really I wish everybody could be here that has an interest but I knew that some of you would have to do other things that are very important and some of you might not have the financial means at the time to come.  So that’s why we wanted to give it as a invitation. Almost an informal invitation, so that there would be no unreasonable burden on any of you, or any of us.  I’m very happy as you know, always very happy to see you all and very thankful to Allah for this occasion in the month of Ramadan, the Blessed Month of Ramadan.

The Qur’an is a book of guidance and Allah’s mercy to us or to all the worlds. As a book of guidance I am inclined to bring to you or at least remind you of it’s connection with previous books of guidance or previous scriptures. I’m referring mainly to the Torah and the Gospel that came before.  We find that there is something continuous for scripture, for the Word of G-d, and that is the interest or the desire to have more knowledge until the knowledge satisfies the souls of the seekers.  We have in the Old Testament the pleading of souls to know the face of G-d, to see his face, to know the face of G-d, to see His face. And in the New Testament we have the prophet Jesus, peace be on him, teaching the people in a very, I would say unusual way. He taught by parables for example. Hints, according to the gospel, as it is written now, which you know is different from what Muslims believe, the original was called the Injeel. However I believe that what I’m about to say to you is original and in the gospel. That is I believe that it did come in the Injeel.
This particular or I should say peculiar method of teaching, where students are told to not use their own reasoning. Not to apply their own mind. Exert the faculties of their intellect. Strain or exert the faculties of their intellect to form what they would say. But to trust G-d upon faith. They were told that when they met the occasion they would be given the words that they should speak. So as I look at that I see it saying that he taught people to trust inspiration. That they would be inspired.

The same gospel says of him ‘he shall come upon clouds and another he shall come in clouds or with clouds’. And another is ‘ the lightning shineth from the east even unto the west so shall the coming of the son of man be’.  And in the Qur’an we have his birth happening in a very unusual way to put it lightly. First his mother, peace be upon her, she didn’t have to be provided for. Her needs didn’t have to be provided for by Zacharias. Peace be upon Zacharias.  Secondly she was assisted by G-d when she was in a desperate situation to provide for her child, her new baby, peace be upon him. And Allah says in the Qur’an that He told her to take a little stick and make grooves in the earth and water would go through the grooves to the tree and the tree would drop to her its dates, its sweet dates.  And when she was asked about him, according to the gospel as it is now, the present Gospel, not the Qur’an, we don’t want to mix anything here, be very careful, she said consult the child or she pointed to the child, peace be upon the prophet.

And in the Qur’an Allah says to us that he spoke while he was yet in the cradle. He said, according to the gospel as it is now, I must go away, for if I go not away, the comforter will not come unto you” Or “be sent to you and he also said that I will send him” meaning the comforter, that he would send the comforter and that the comforter, the spirit of truth would lead the people into all truth.  This is the gospel as it is now. The present gospel, not the Qur’an. We don’t want to mix anything here. Be very careful.  Now we know that Muslims believe the comforter or the one to lead into all truth would be Mohammed the Prophet, peace and blessings be on him. But lets look at something here. The bible says, that is, G-d says in the bible, and G’d says in the Qur’an to Mohammed and the world, that Christ Jesus the Prophet is a sign, word, a spirit from his lord, from Allah. The angel pressed Mohammed the Prophet, peace be on him, three times before he could speak, before he could recite Qur’an.

And we find another figure in the bible who had lost his mission, Jonah.  And G-d’s book the Qur’an and the Bible as it is now, seems to be giving us the same report on him in his situation. The bible says that after he went through his ordeal and was cast upon the bank of the river by the whale, he said, “I have a three days journey”. This is the Bible. “I have a three days journey”.  And in Qur’an he’s shown as a figure that had been saved from one predicament but was in another.  He was on the bank with the sun punishing his head and Allah’s mercy caused a gourd plant, a vine plant, a gourd plant, like squash and other things, to grow up upon him, to climb upon him and put leaves above his head to protect his head from the sun. He said ‘I have a three days journey,’ meaning he was not yet where he should be. ‘I have a three day journey.’

I’m going to address Qur’anic text now. And I feel pretty sure that the Qur’an, Allah’s word to us, in the Qur’an, Teen: fig, Zaytuun: olive, Turi Seeneen: Mt. Sinai, is giving us the steps of a journey.  Three steps to enter the city, Baladil Ameen. 1) Wa teeni : Fig. 2) Wa zaytuun: Olive. 3) Wa Turi Seeneen: Mt Sinai. 4) Wa Haadhal Baladil Ameen: City of Peace.  But before proceeding with this line of reasoning I want to point you to a situation that Jonah found himself with the sun punishing his head and Allah had to show him mercy.  Allah tells us in the Qur’an that there are some who want to get closer and closer, too close, to the light. And so they’re blinded by the light. I’ll come back to that Inshaa Allah, but now let us continue with the three steps to the city, three steps that bring us to enter the city.

It follows that the sequence or that progression is followed by laqad khalaqnaal insaana fee ahsani taqweem. Laqad , indeed. Its a strong, strong emphasis here. Stronger than enna. Laqad, indeed we created the human in the best of molds. That’s how its translated. In the best of molds. Fee ahsani taqweem. Taqweem is from qaum, from qama, stood up, to stand.  Fee ahsani taqweem in the best of molds, best postures. Couldn’t we say that? Because it comes from, qama, to stand, postures or in the best of molds.  And of the prophet and his mission Allah says to us in the Qur’an that the purpose is to take us out of the darkness into the light. Minadh dhulumaati ilan nuur. Out of the darkness into the light. And of the light that G-d gives, Divine Light, G-d says of it: ‘It Is Light Upon Light.’
Most importantly then, we should see the city, the Promised land, as a fulfillment of G-d’s promise to lead us into the light. Into the light that will remove all doubts in all the problems, or the need of searching for the light and bring satisfaction to the soul.  Incidentally well, maybe not incidentally, ‘the City of the Prophet is called the City of the Light. And some seem to be very hesitant in embracing my interpretation of that progression, Wa Teeni, Wa Zaytuun, Wa Turi Seeneen, Wa Hadhaal Baladil Ameen.  Because on many occasions I have said that that Baladil Ameen, is the City of the Prophet. It’s not Mecca.  The road to the promised land begins where we originally were. And man in his original place, is told symbolically by the Kaabah and the black stone in sacred venerable Mecca.  So then the journey should be from the Kaabah to the Light. To Medina-Tul Munawwarra. Light upon light.  Before continuing this I want to go Back to the caution that G-d gives not to want to get too close to the light with our eyes, because it may blind us.

The world’s light is the dhulumaat, darkness. And the same steps followed by the humble servants of G-d that takes them into the Nur, into the light, takes the world into the darkness. And their darkness is darkness upon darkness arising from the depths of the sea. Darkness upon darkness.  And they too, I repeat, follow the same procedure, 1) Teen , Fig. 2) Zaytuun, Olive. But their 3) Turi Seeneen is not the Turi Seeneen of Moses. It’s their faith in their own spirit and intuition. Human intuition. Not divinely sparked intuition.  And the end of their journey is what they call the pure sciences. And the pure sciences bring them to dismiss G-d. G-d causes a problem. So dismiss G-d. Be objective . Obey matter completely as you should obey G-d. Obey matter. Only speak what matter says. Only report what matter says. Only come to the conclusions that matter implies or directs you to. Empiricism, I think they call it that. And that’s what has given us the secular world that we have on us right now. That’s their Medina. Their Medina of darkness.

They say that in education there is teen, Fig . You must use your imagination. You must trust creative thought. You must trust spontaneous bursts of energy in the intellect. They may even play some music for you while you’re straining your brain to help that happen. And they also say that they come up with one knowledge.  But out of the Zaytuun, or in the Zaytuun I should say, we read oneness. We read singleness. We read Tauheed. We Read Islamic monotheism for want of a better expression.  But the secular world, for the secular world, the Zaytuun is science. One science. All sciences agreeing in one science. Material science.  And their Turi Seeneen is the intuitive edge. Not the intuition that G-d gave the prophets. But the intuitive edge.

Now where’s the support for this kind of Reasoning? Allah say’s in our holy book, the Qur’an, He says, there were some who sought a hearing on high. And Allah says you cannot. And you will find that there will be shooting balls of fire. And you cannot get there, illa Bisultanin atheem, except as a big mighty sultan (authority). But He didn’t say you couldn’t get there.  The jinn, a company of them heard the recital of the Qur’an and they said we bear witness that this is a wonderful recital. None but G-d Has done this. They were not inspired or given inspiration. Their intuitive light in the intellect turned on, sparked by divine gift or divine intervention. It’s a property that they have. So just like we have in common with the Jinn community, the property of reasoning, we also have with them in common the property of intuitive insight.

So they have their Teen, their Zaytun, and their Turi see something. I can’t say it’s the Turi Seeneen. It’s not Mt. Sinai. It’s certainly not Mt. Sinai. But they have their Turi see something.  And they want the Baladil Ameen, the society established upon trust. The society secured upon trust. They want that. And not even America has it. Our society is a society under fear, not secured upon trust. And our society gives its citizens secular knowledge to support them and to guide them. Not Revelation. So even America’s promised land is a land of darkness.

Now going back to the Zaytuun as a symbol, I said the Zaytuun is to be understood as a symbol or signal to signal us to the idea of Tauheed, oneness. But in knowledge. In science. Oneness. That One G-d did it all. Not an accident. Not the big bang, but purpose, divine purpose explains why this earth and this creation, this universe is here bearing one design, the universal system of law or laws.  Before us the Jews claimed the olive didn’t they? They still do. They are a people of the olive, the blessed olive. And we know that we are closer to Christians in our spirit, but definitely close to the Jews in the reading of the concept of G-d (oneness). A blessed tree, an olive or an olive. A blessed tree, an olive.  For us science is not separated just like life is not separated. For the western world, for America, western democracy, there’s a separation of religion and government or church and state as they put it. And you know for us there is no such separation. For Muslims there is no such separation.

Also for the west there’s a separation of knowledge, pure truth, exactness in the perception of knowledge, or pure knowledge of truth. But for us there is no separation. For them there is the world or physical science, the world of secularism, and the world of religious science or spiritual science.  Now we know in Islam we have the branch called spiritual sciences from the “ruh” meaning spirit, but those sciences in our religion are not completely foreign to all the other sciences and that’s what Tauheed means. That there is a oneness. There’s a oneness of knowledge and all knowledge belongs to that wholeness of knowledge. So there’s seventy hundred or seventy thousand or whatever we might say, branches of spiritual science that have to be seen in connection with social science and all other sciences.  And again we look at the bible. Won’t go to the Old Testament, but it’s there too. What you’re more familiar with, that is, the gospel, as it is presently.

The word of G-d personified as Christ Jesus, peace be upon him, comes into the world not of water only but of water and blood. So the water of science or the science formed of water is in the heavens. And the heavens and the earth were separated, and the heavens were confused as churning smoke, and Allah directed Himself to the heavens and He said to the heavens and to the earth “Come ye together willingly or unwillingly”. And Allah highly glorified is He, also said, can’t you see that this creation was once one continuous whole and it wasn’t always just smoky heaven and an earth needing to be reconciled with a heaven that was in a bad shape?  Our knowledge then is one. Creation is one. Knowledge is one. It is expressed in so many different forms but it is one.

It is light upon light, light of a blessed tree, an olive. Its oil appears to be lit before there is fire. It gives off a light before there is fire. And the fire does not touch it.  Doesn’t this sound like empiricism, objectivity, where you’re not forming anything until the essence tells you to form it and you’re not forming it in any way that the essence is not saying form it ? You see our discipline is the same isn’t it? Our Discipline and our knowledge is the same as the Jinn’s discipline and his knowledge.

But our result is different, His result is different.  His obedience is to matter.  Our obedience is to the Creator of the matter.  Thank you very much.  We ask Allah to forgive and guide us always.

Ameen. Allahu Akbar!

Monday, April 13, 2015

America's Beauty

Imam W. Deen Mohammed

America is not a place that promises to give you religion or to give you culture. No. You are supposed to have cultural influences of your religion or from your past traditions. You are supposed to have your own taste for food, your own taste for clothing, your own taste for entertainment, your own taste for your intellect. You are supposed to make your own life in this land of opportunity and freedom. If you don't do it, then Satan and his hosts have everything ready and prepared for you. They (the corruptors) will dress you, will give you entertainment, will give you taste, smell, hearing, and vision.
So let us not exaggerate that melting pot thing. America is a melting pot only for those who leave the responsibility for self to the world. But if you take up responsibility into your own hands for your own life, America is no melting pot. The beauty and precious thing for American society is its pluralistic life we call plurality. That is America's beauty. The melting pot is not its beauty. Have you ever seen a painter pour all of the paint into one bucket? That is the ugliest stuff you ever wanted to look at — especially once he integrates it all thoroughly.

Our beauty is in uniting upon what is inherent in our life and nature, while keeping our distinctions that have evolved upon what is inherent. We are to keep the distinctions. Excellence and progress for Muslims is what we want for our religious life in America. We want progress in the world. Allah invites us to attend to the needs for progress in the world. We know the Destiny is bigger and more important than the world, but Allah tells us to also progress ourselves in the world.

We are to have income from legal sources, halal sources. We are to have Islamicly approved work and investment and opportunity. We are to invest our income for financial growth and economic growth. We are to be competitive in all that G'd has approved. If G'd has approved for us to establish ourselves in the world, that is what we should do. There is a prayer of the Prophet (the prayers and the peace be on him) where he prays to G'd for worldly progress. He prays for it in connection with the prayer for the Hereafter. He does not separate the two. He made one prayer but prayed for the Hereafter and for worldly progress.

Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) described his life as being a religious life and also being a worldly life. This is the balance in Islam that most religions ignore. Don't think that you have a right in Islam to progress in the world; no, you have an obligation. It is not only a right; it is an obligation. We are obligated to follow the sunnah of the Prophet. We are obligated to obey the Qur'an; to follow its dictates and also the influence and advice of Qur'an. Some things are law and some things are advice. You are obligated to follow the sunnah of the Prophet and his advice and Qur'an, the Sunnah of G'd and His advice.