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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Saviors Day

Imam W. Deen Mohammed
Saviors Day Address
February 26, 2002
Charleston, SC

"As a young boy of maybe 10 years old, I remember attending Savior's Day in a house that couldn't hold more than about 30 people. It was the house belonging to a believer, a Muslim sister. It was near the street now called Martin Luther King Drive and 32nd Street. At that time it was called South Park.

In this big wonderful city of Chicago, you would think that homes had electric lights for everybody, but no. The poor had coal / oil lamps, and you could smell the fumes while you were in the house. It was poorly lighted and some areas were shadowy. The light thrown out was to brighten the whole upstairs where we were having Savior's Day. But we were happy.

We were happier than we are now. Maybe now the excitement is worn off. I am still very happy. But most of us have been knocked down and all of the spirit has been knocked out of us. We didn't have anything, but we had what we cherished as being more important. We had a belief that G-d had loved us and that G-d had sent a help to us and that we were the Lost Found Nation of Islam. We had what was more important to us than food or fancy, fine buildings.

There was a habit of giving out delicious apples, and February was a good month for that. We had these good, solid, nice apples that I remember biting into as a child and it was so nice! Everybody got a free delicious apple on Savior's Day. This was the Savior's Day celebration. What I want to do on this occasion is to talk about Savior's Day. We didn't expect anybody to talk to us about anything other than Savior's Day and what it meant to us.  Savior's Day is meant to be a day of remembrance and celebration."

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Responses and Solutions For Progress: Building the Community and Family

Excerpt of the December 5, 1997 Interview with Imam W. Deen Mohammed

Q. What is your vision and concerns for the building of the community?

IWDM: First, building a community is an obligation on all Muslims and believers who live in Muslim lands or in non-Muslim lands. I think having excellent models of community life in a predominantly non-Muslim society is a more conscious demand for us than for citizens of Muslim lands. It is imperative.  It is not something we can say "yes" or "maybe" about. It is "yes," period. We must do this, if we are to fulfill our obligations as Muslims under both the Qur'an - the word of G'd, and the leadership of Muhammed (PBUH) - the Messenger of G'd.  I believe that G'd has given us the community to focus our efforts, be they private, family or other. It is in man's nature to live and achieve in the community. G'd has given him an industrious spirit and nature to want to work and achieve community establishments.  The full picture of that establishment is a community where responsibilities, benefits and opportunities are shared. Man is created for his share of responsibility to G'd for community.

Efforts to have civilized communities started with men going out in the field and facing the rough nature out there in the world, catching the animal, bringing back its meat for the table and its hide, selling what they could not consume to the next community if they could.  After a while the income from their industrious labor and spirit would give them enough money (or good to barter) that they would not need to sleep in a tree, or on the ground, or in a hole in the mountain. They had the time to build a house and make progress. Pretty soon they would have a river boat, or a horse for transportation.  I believe for that reason, man is described by some great teachers of Al-Islam and non-Muslims as being a creature who is plural and singular in the same time. He is singular in himself, but he is plural in the possibilities that G'd has made for him. He is plural in the spirit that G'd has given him . He can't live to himself -alone in his mind or spirit.  In that sense, he is a temple within himself that has not one person's interest in it, but has the interest of many in it. He is plural, not in terms of psychology (that means you have a mental problem). Man is plural in terms of his interests and concerns. Therefore, he takes in his family, loved ones and his friends. He takes in the people and his country, and all those interests dear to his heart are now within his mind and spirit.  He lives with them as a plural and complex social organism. He is living the life of one person, and at the same time living the interest of more than one person. This the way. G'd created us. When we can express this in the living environment, we are more content and free.

People who are dull and wondering why they are dull spirited, many times it is because they are not motivated to share the responsibility for more persons than themselves. Muslims want to see their brother's life and his family in a state of excellence. All of that is necessary for the fulfillment of our spirit, and our soul's needs won't be fulfilled unless we have that.  Community is the focus for us, and what I see as the most important thing to start with in building a community is the establishment of a nucleus. A Muslim community is established to accommodate the lives of people who believe and worship G'd.  Every community will have a house of worship (or many).  Communities are built to accommodate the needs of the family. The first need outside of the home is to have a school to educate our children. Then the community wants to have a township, ordinances, rules and regulations. After a while you will have many jobs and somebody regulating the town, which means government. This is the traditional pattern.  The first step in our plan is to have a place of worship where we can worship and conduct the Friday Jumuah (congregational) service. The next step in our plan is to have the people employed, earning an income to support the other segments of the plan. Therefore, in this nucleus is worship, education and economic achievement. This is the first three.

We already live in a civilized society. We have the township or city, country and state services. As we develop in the three areas of the nucleus and feel comfortable, then we should also want to begin sharing the responsibility for the township and its conditions.  This includes examining the benefits going to citizens from the government. Asking, is it an encumbering government? Is this too much to ask of government, or should we ask for more? All of this should not be just the concerns of non-Muslims. It is the concern of all the citizens. Muslims should take it upon themselves and become a part of the efforts to have the best environment possible for the citizens of the town or area.  Muslims should share in that responsibility, when they are able to free themselves up enough to have the masjid (mosques), schools and employment to support their assets or investments. That is the plan in order of priority or interest.  In my opinion, when it comes to making the plan materialize, the steps to success are not always a fixed approach. They say: "Build a masjid first"; we can have a masjid in rented facilities, in our homes, depending on how large the local following.  This means we should study the situation and address how best we can realize the establishment of this nucleus - a place to worship, a private school for our children, and especially support for our men, so that they can have business establishments and employment.

Which one then is the best to start the process? Again, in my opinion, when it comes to implementing this in society, we have to begin increasing the income of the community, if it is deficient. It is more practical when we are terribly deficient in income to first address that need. While this is being realized we will be worshipping in a rented facility, or at home, or on a piece of land. Therefore, the second effort is to provide decent facilities for the daily and the Friday Jumuah prayers.  All of that is in the mind first, but maybe they don't realize it according to their preconceived notions. Sometimes the last thing is what we should first do in order to best accommodate the first thing.  For instance, when a group effort is terribly deficient financially, it is best to address that issue first and try to create situations to bring in income. And once you have the income, then you can come back to first principles and cause them to materialize.  Again the vision is for a nucleus where Muslim families will be living in close proximity with a masjid facility that also houses a school, or two different facilities. That is number one, along with the creation of businesses. In the nucleus they must all come together at the same time. The building of facilities should include the building of economy housing for the low income residents and decent homes for the leadership (more economically developed).

Sunday, August 12, 2018

To Have Life Better and Abundantly

Jan. 11, 2004 - Praise be to G-d. We thank you all and greet you with the greeting of the Muslims, the greetings of G-d's servants who came before our Prophet Muhammed of Arabia, peace be on him, G-d's Last Prophet that He sent to this world, the Seal of the Prophets, Muhammed. They are the greetings of As-Salaam-Alaikum. Peace be upon you.  The beautiful sunshine today takes your mind off the cold weather. And if I had any problems, just looking at your beautiful faces and I know so many of your facings shining before me, that is enough to make my day. We thank Allah for each other.

There is nothing better than the good family life and unity. That is for private life at home or wherever we are. And even more importantly, it is for the family of believers. Believers are a family; we are a community. When we call each other brothers and sisters, we are saying we are a family.  We thank Allah. I got several calls before getting here, telling me that if I were here I would be very pleased. They were telling me that the spirit was very high. So I came here ready to go. Last night (Jan. 10, 2004) was very beautiful, too. I enjoyed every minute of it, and my visit here has been a great treat to me. Sometimes you have one thing in mind that you want to share with the audience, but as you are in the same environment, same place with them and meeting and greeting them and seeing their spirit, you have to change your plan for your address. You change it slightly but always with the same interest.

That interest is, as the Scripture says, "To have life and to have it better and to have it abundantly." Allah revealed to us through Muhammed, the Prophet, "I have created you that you may grow." That doesn't mean to grow physically; everything grows like that. As long as you have life, you are going to be growing physically.
But G-d means grow in the life that He created us for. He has created us that we may grow in the life that He has created us for. That life, number one, is spiritual life. When you feel bad and it is not arthritis, when something is bothering you deep inside, that is spiritual life. And Allah created us to have a good feeling inside. Not that pressure. Not that bad feeling. Not that emptiness. Not that fear. Allah created us to be in Paradise, and I am in Paradise. I am truthful with no exaggerations; I am in Paradise.

The physical world all about us, whether you live in a good land or bad land, in a good neighborhood or bad neighborhood, the physical things all around us  once Allah says, "I'm going to give this servant of Mine, this worshipper of Mine Paradise," nothing negative, nothing hurtful, nothing sad, nothing ugly, nothing distasteful can penetrate your Garden of Paradise. The Scripture says that when the faithful ones pass in, they pass by those suffering and hollering and making noise, burning in the flames of hell. They will pass by them but be at a distance and will not be touched or affected by hell, although they can look at it from where they are.
That used to be just reading for me. And I accepted it, because it is revelation. But now I have experienced it. The flames can be even closer to you.... Oh, I love you people! It is not everywhere you can get an audience like this who has a taste for this heavenly food that I love.

The ancient who were trying to be upright in their human nature but were living in a human world that was animal, in terms of its behavior, there were a few thinkers among them. And the thinkers were in the time of the ancient pagan world. They put in myth a food they called "heavenly food," and they called it ambrosia. I don't know if this is the same ambrosia, but it is heavenly food. Praise be to Allah. Allah says He created us that we may grow in spiritual life. Spiritual life is the life of our soul. The soul is the big life that takes in everything. The brain feeds on certain things that it encounters or experiences. Whatever it comes in contact with, if it awakens interest in the intelligence or in the brain, the brain will engage it. But the soul can't help it. It registers everything. A little baby crying too long in the meeting here, the soul will be disturbed and say, "Why don't someone go and help that mother with that child?" We will feel about that child, just like it is our own child. That is the soul.

The soul hears something in the inner ear and it may sound good to the brain, but the soul will say, "Something is wrong with that." But something can be so attractive to the brain that it will occupy the brain so completely, that the brain can't hear what the soul has to say. That was the situation for our father in the Garden of Paradise. The deceiver talked to him and got his brain to be completely attentive to what the deceiver was saying. He got so involved, so engrossed in what the deceiver was saying to him about things that he did not have a complete knowledge of or hardly any knowledge of. He couldn't hear with the ear of his soul, so he was deceived into believing a rationale that was given to him by Satan, the Shaitan, the devil himself. But the soul never bought it. And the soul couldn't speak loud enough for the man, our father, to hear over the loud interest, the loud voice of Satan. He couldn't hear.

Satan was telling him how to come into another life, a higher life. And G-d invites us always to come into a higher life. And G-d tells us, "Never did He plan anything for His worshippers that Satan didn't scheme to produce the like of it"  to always take us away from G-d. Many people are looking for Satan in the city where the pimps and prostitutes and gamblers, the lost souls are. Satan has no interest in that. He had them thousands of years ago. They are operating on his plan without him even being bothered. He is not interested at all in what is happening in the life of pimps and prostitutes and gamblers and drug dealers. Satan says, "That is taken care of. But let me see what we can do about the Imam's life. Let's see what we can do about the Rabbi's life. Let's see what we can do about The Vatican. Let's give our attention to these boys who aren't playing our game. Let us work our way into their thinking so subtle, that they will be on our team, too, while they are thinking they are preaching the Word of G-d."

This is Scripture. I am coming from Scripture. This is what Scripture warns us of. We are invited to come to the life that G-d created us for. What is the life? It is the complete life. Satan has tricked the world of religion into running away from the whole responsibility that G-d gave to man and leaving this world that G-d put us in to the wrong doers. Allah says, "Who has said to My worshippers that this material world and the benefits of this material world are not for them?" This is the Qur'an. G-d says, "It is for them and exclusively for them in the Hereafter." Let us address for a few minutes the second part of G-d's Statement, "It is exclusively for them in the Hereafter." That statement in its second part is saying two important things to us. First it is saying to us, "Don't worry yourself to death. Stop grieving over the misery you see in the world. It is only temporary. And I am allowing it.

"It is not exclusively for you yet. It is to be shared with the wrong doers. I have given the wrong doers the freedom to get whatever they can get out of this material world. But they are shut out of the spiritual blessings. That they can't have, neither in the here or Hereafter." They will never experience the heaven that Allah put Adam in, before he fell. They will never experience the heaven that Allah put Abraham in. They will never experience the heaven that Allah put Jesus Christ in. They will never experience the heaven that Allah put Muhammed ibn Abdullah, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam, in. They never will experience the heaven that Allah put the pious saints in  from different religions. They will never experience the heaven that Allah has put the son of Elijah Muhammad in.
But Allah says He hasn't barred or shut anybody out of getting beans and cornbread, having cattle and land and bank accounts. He hasn't shut anybody out of that, because He is a Wonderful G-d. He is even good to His enemies. He has given us a sign in David. David had enemies, but he also had love even for his enemies.
Likewise it is for Jesus Christ and many of the pious saints, including Muhammed the Prophet. He even cared about his enemies, because they have a human soul, too. Who knows, only G-d knows who can be saved and who can't. We are just to try our best to be like our Lord in His Attributes of Patience, Justice and, most of all, Mercy.

Praise be to Allah. There is nothing that G-d has not extended mercy to, even to Satan, if you understand it. When Satan refused to accept G-d's Plan for human beings, did G-d say, "I'm going to whip you real bad for that." G-d said, "Since you are determined to do your thing, go on. You are free." That is mercy. G-d says, "I'm not going to bring My Power down on you now. But at the end of your thing; your thing has an end. And when you reach the end of it, you are going to be in the fix that you plotted to have My human beings in. And I have created a fire that you don't know about. It consumes both men and stones." G-d is calling the devil a stone. A stone can't feel. But did G-d give up on stones? No. He said that there are some stones, that under pressure, they will break or crack and water will gush forth from them. What is this G-d is saying? He is saying, "No matter how hard hearted you have become, no matter how hard you have become as a life, I put water in you and that water will still be there. And the hell you are going to make for yourself will one day crack your stones. Water will gush forth from them, and even tears will fall from Satan's eyes.

Don't forget what Allah says in the Qur'an, "The Fire is real." I am not talking about something that doesn't exist or something spooky that you can't understand with your rational mind. The Fire of Hell is something you can understand with your rational mind. The devil's existence is something we can understand with our rational minds. And if I had permission, I could put my finger on the devil right now. You know him. I can't put my finger on every one of them. But I can put my finger on the biggest and most concentrated company of them. And you all will see it plainly. But once G-d shows us this, we are forbidden to show the world. Allah didn't take him out of his hiding place, and He didn't permit the prophets to take him out of his hiding place. Now the Bible claims that G-d permitted the successor to Jesus Christ, Peter, to have the power to bind Satan for a thousand years, to lock him up for a thousand years and then let him go after the thousand years. Now why would any righteous servant of G-d want to let him go, if he ever locked him up?

Don't believe that story, even though it is in the Holy Bible. Since the day he has been permitted to be free, he has been free ever since. And nobody has the key to lock him up. He comes out when he wants. And those who think they have the power to put him in jail and let him out are deceived. They don't have the power to do that.
All we have the power to do is respect our good nature, respect the good life that G-d created us with. And as long as we respect the good life that G-d created us with, we have a sure defense against Satan. Something that seems small with no power has the power to defeat Satan, and that is your goodness inside you. Just stay with your goodness and Satan can't touch you. If you practice staying with that goodness long enough and faithful enough  you are not letting sex tempt you away from it; you are not letting greed for money tempt you away from it; you are not letting fear of wrong doers or bullies take it away from you — if you stick with that long enough, you will win guaranteed protection from Satan.

He won't be able to come at you in any way. You will be in Paradise, and he can never come into Paradise. He hates Paradise, just like he hates the righteous servant. The wise in the language of myth and culture have told us that Satan hates this life. If you sprinkle some pure water on Dracula, what happens to him? If you bring him out into the light, what happens to him? He is OK in the dark or in the shadows. The wise in the language of myth and culture have told us that Satan hates this life. If you sprinkle some pure water on Dracula, what happens to him? If you bring him out into the light, what happens to him? He is OK in the dark or in the shadows. The water means your innocence, your innocent soul, your spiritual life. If he were ever touched by that, it is all over for him. So he makes sure he is not touched; he stays away from the righteous, and he stays out of the bright Light of Truth. He knows it will do away with him. As long as you keep to your innocence, don't worry about the devil. Over a period of generations, of thousands of years, the people exaggerated the image and power of the devil. They made him bigger and more powerful than he was. They have him contending with G-d, as though they are on some equal plane.

In Islam, the Qur'an comes to correct that. It doesn't say that G-d has any contenders, not even the devil. He is no contender for G-d. G-d lets us know, "This Satan, this devil, that you know in your life, he is not My contender. He is your contender." He is the opponent or the contender of human beings, not of G-d. G-d forbids that we even think something can challenge Him. Then He works on the problem of our thinking that the devil is so big. He says, "Fight the schemes of Satan (Shaitan), for surely his schemes are weak." It is not like the old teachings before the Qur'an came, that magnified him and saw big trouble in him. They'd say, "Don't engage him! He is too powerful!" But the Bible, too, came to deal with that. It said, "Rebuke Satan." Don't just listen to him, and you know he is talking wrong. Rebuke him means to tell him he is wrong, and he will run from you. The Bible says, "Rebuke Satan, and he will flee from you." That one statement kills all the other stuff about him being so powerful. Rebuke Satan, and he will flee from you.

I was convicted for failing to obey the Selective Service order and was spending time in Sandstone, Minnesota, federal corrections institute. The Jehovah's Witnesses were in there too for doing the same thing, failing to obey the Selective Service order. There was this big, tall copper tone skinned Saintifier in the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses. He knew who I was. But he thought I was a Muslim so far away from G-d, that he thought I was Satan. So we are having a conversation, and I have always been the same as I am now. I don't believe in forcing something on you that you don't want. So I was being very nice and respectful and was not trying to convert him. But responding to him and what he was saying to me, I had to make a little trouble for him. I was being as gentle as I possibly could. But he got so upset, he said to me, "Get behind me, Satan." That is what he said to me.
We both were in jail, and I guess he could move away from me for about 100 feet. So I said to him, "Hold up brother, the Bible says, 'Rebuke Satan, and he will run from you.' I'm not running, so what are you running for?"
This brother made parole before me, and then I got out and got back in the Temple. My father would not let me preach, and I think he didn't want me to make trouble for my parole. He was afraid that I might say something that would go against my parole. First I thought that I was still under punishment, but later on I understood it as my own protection. He was protecting his son.

But I was in the Temple one night, and who do I see? My friend, the Jehovah's Witness. When our eyes met, we were so happy to see each other. No matter what kind of situation you had with your "homie" in prison, when you see that person outside of prison you are happy. You were both confined together and both put in a bad situation, and when you are both out of that situation, you are happy. You forget every argument you had. That is the same way it will be for us, when we get out of this trap that the world has put us in. And our wayward leaders, straying from righteousness that they had in slavery and immediately afterwards, have put us in this trap. When we save ourselves from this prison of ignorance, misguidance, deviation from the Law of G-d, deviation from faith and love for G-d, when we break out of this, we are going to be just like those "homies" that see each other when they get out of prison. We are going to love each other. It will be: "As-Salaam-Alaikum, brother. As-Salaam-Alaikum, sister. Praise be to Allah." We are going to get it back.

The Jehovah's Witness said, "I just came to see you." I told him how happy I was to see him. He asked where I lived and I told him. He said, "I'm going to come by your house." And he did, but he never joined the Nation of Islam. Isn't that something? He came out of prison, found out where the Temple was and came there just to see me. He never tried to convert me to be a Jehovah's Witness again. All he wanted was to be in my company as a friend. It was wonderful. Allah invites us to life. Genesis is an invitation to life. It is talking about the life that G-d created human beings for. It is not the life of rats, cats, dogs, sheep, cows, chickens, rabbits, snakes. No, it is a special life. None of those creatures were created for the life we were created for, and none of them can benefit from what Allah created as we can. None of them. Animals have intelligence, like we do, like we do. I used to think that they couldn't reason, because science said they couldn't. But science is making a big mistake. Some animals can reason.

I believe that is what is being said, when G-d says He made some animals on the same day He made man, on the Sixth Day. He didn't just make man on the Sixth Day; He made some animals also on the Sixth Day.
This is Genesis in the Bible. And if you understand it, it is the same thing that is in the Qur'an. It is in the Sixth Chapter of the Qur'an, called An'am or the animals. But that Six represents the Day that He created man.
Allah says in the Qur'an that there is no creature that crawls upon the face of the earth that Allah has not assigned his life in a community similar to yours. There is the community of birds, the community of ants, the community of bees.Bacteria have their community. The microscopic life that you can't even see with your eyes has its community, and they are crawling, too, upon something. The life that G-d wants for us is the life that you can't have without the tool for the soul being established. What is the tool for the soul? Your intelligence. Your brain. You cannot have the life Allah created for the soul, until you establish your brain.

Your soul goes out like air in a balloon. If you can imagine the skin of the balloon being the extent of space or as far as you can go out in space, the air is the soul and the air is pushing the balloon out.  And Allah has created space, so it will extend as far as our life requires it to. There is no limit to it.  As far as your soul wants to go out, let the germ of life be alive in the soul and it will push, it will fill the balloon up with the spirit and life of the soul. That balloon is not limited like the balloons we buy for our children; they will burst, when it reaches a certain limit.
That skin that Allah has given to hold the core life of our soul will keep expanding forever. It will keep opening up forever, to give your soul more room and to want more. It opens up to unlimited expansion, unlimited extension, unlimited room. You can have as much as you want. Allah created us like that.

But something as small as the point of a needle can hit the balloon and lose all of the air. I guess that is why Allah revealed that Satan had been disappointed, and that, "This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My Favor on you and have given you My Choice of religion, Islam."  But G-d also says, "Don't drop your guard now. Satan has given up hope of deceiving you in big things, but be aware of him coming at you in small things." Like your respect for your husband, sister. Like your respect for your wife, brother. Like your respect for your parents, children. Like your respect for your children, parents. These are the things G-d made us to naturally manage. It is the nature of the heart to take care of these things. But when Satan comes at us with his schemes, he takes everything available to him and uses it to take us out of the life that G-d created us for.
What is this life? In its best and complete picture, it is the life that has been given to us by The Life. And the highest life for us is The Word of G-d. That is Qur'an, true, pure, perfect revelation.

When it comes into our life, it gives us a chance to have a bigger and better and more beautiful life, and certainly a much more productive life, than we had before.  Is it really a new life? No, it is the same life you had before. The Sign is in Jesus Christ, and most of the students of scripture missed it. So Allah revealed it again. As Jesus Christ predicted it would happen, the Spirit of Truth would come. He revealed it again to Muhammed the Prophet.
The same Signs that Jesus came to show the world, that came in the clouds of the heavens and in parables, here G-d brings them again in plain language. This time it is not in the clouds of the heavens but in broad daylight. He is a man whom G-d chose to be His Last Messenger to fill the role of the Seal of the Prophets.  This man was not called by G-d so that he would be made clean and sanctified and holy and righteous, or made fit to be G-d's servant and messenger. He was already fit before he knew G-d. He was already the complete human being that G-d wanted before he even knew a religion.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Hagar's Children

February 1986 - The white man refers to the African-American as "Hagar's children" and so far, our history makes the white man look like he is telling the truth or that he knows something about us that we are unaware of. It looks like he's got some insight into our life that most African-Americans don't understand, since he seems to be labeling us correctly all of the time. The white man believes that G-d has doomed and destined the African-American never to be functional in world society in any position of significance other than that of Hagar's children.

“When one refers to us as Hagar's children, he is not speaking from the Qur'an. He is speaking from the Bible, and what he means by Hagar's children is someone that doesn't know how to establish himself, so he sells himself to somebody who is already established.”  Hagar was not established. She had no home or husband so she sold her services to Sarah (Abraham's wife), who had a home and a husband. Sarah was established. But in order to grow, Hagar had to be put out of Sarah's home. Sarah said to Hagar in effect, "Look here maid, I'm the one that approved this, and I'm the one that brought you in here, but I can't stand looking at your glory in my house. You get out into the desert away from my establishment with this thing that is being produced in you."

When the white man says, "Hagar's children," he means that you are following in the tradition of the African girl called Hagar. Hagar didn't have the courage or the vision to go and shop for a decent husband and to require of her husband that he build her a house. She was just, a beggar woman. She went to Sarah, and said in effect, "Look, my survival is threatened. May I do something for you?" and Sarah said, "Yes."  Look at the situation of the African-American community, and you will see that they are Hagar's children. The African-American is not talking about establishing their own neighborhoods or establishing business people in their neighborhood. They are only talking about getting something from the white man's house, crying, "Whiteman, you have a whole lot, give me some of what you got." Whiteman, I'm no father to my children, take care of them for me." That is the African-American's situation, and it is pitiful.

The situation is pitiful, despite the preaching from the time of slavery until now, and despite all of the sacrifice of men being betrayed and worked against by the powerful white society, and by the people they tried and are still trying to help.   African-Americans don't have the courage to establish their ethnicity like the Irish, the Italians and others, including the recent immigrants who are now coming into this country from Asia, Cuba and elsewhere. African-Americans don't have the courage to let the white man know that they have a concern for their own kind, and are not depending on him to direct that concern. They are afraid to talk like a man within the hearing range of the white man, even though they know that they would be doing nothing but accepting the responsibility that would bring them into the admiration of the American people.

I say to the Muslims, let us be more responsible for ourselves, our family members, our neighborhoods, our personal property and our people. Let us show America that we are not of the common run; we are special people with our own sense of direction, and our own sense of responsibility. And believe me, if we do this, we will go forward and become leaders of our own destiny in America overnight.

Monday, October 10, 2016

On Hajj - Interview with Imam W. Deen Mohammed

Aug. 25, 2001 

Q: Brother Imam, we want to thank you for giving us this opportunity to interview you on the Hajj. Over the years, you have taught us to look deeper into concepts -religious concepts and other concepts. Is Hajj like that? Does it have surface meaning but also a more powerful and deeper meaning that those without insight are likely to miss? Would you explain?

Imam Mohammed: As-Salaam Alaikum. I think the meaning that is most important is not deep, it's plain. It's plain and easy to grasp by ordinary minds. But it's the meaning that I think most of us miss. That meaning is the one given by the learned scholars and Imams. This obvious one says that Hajj is the unity of mankind, especially in Islam. Islam is a model and should be the model of Islam for mankind, for all people.  It is the Unity in the humanity that G-d created when He created our first parent, Adam, Peace be upon him. The meaning is Unity and Oneness for humanity under G-d. The Hajj is a return to your innocence -your purity — your original spiritual mental and social nature that G-d created us in, when He created the first people (or man).

That's the life that G-d wants us to return to. That's the real meaning of Hajj. It's a struggle — it's a struggle to unite humanity. You know that humanity is divided. Divided because of power, greed for power, greed for wealth, greed for the material world, and also sometimes for no other reason than "my family is all I care about. Don't bother me with yours."

Q: In 1967, you made Hajj when the rest of us were in the Nation of Islam and you met Maulana Maududi. You were a young man, in your early 20s. A lot has changed since then. You met him on Arafat. Tell us about Arafat and its importance and the importance of that meeting with Maududi.
Imam Mohammed: Arafat gives the Muslims a chance, the leaders and the common man, too, if he is interested in having some responsibility or some role in society. Arafat is an opportunity for him to come and hear the most learned leaders in Islam. They will be Imams, They'll be educators. They'll be political figures, presidents, kings maybe. They'll be doctors and lawyers — all the professions - all the important professions will be represented there at Arafat during the Hajj.
That gives us a chance to benefit from each other's experience — knowledge and faith, too. When a man of extraordinary strong faith speaks on politics or economics or social life, that man also communicates his strong faith to you — even though his language is the language of his particular profession or field.

So I know that a person or a weak battery can get charged up, get pretty strong just being here to hear what the good leaders are saying.  I was there once when Maulana Maududi was there. I learned that he was there because I could hear them saying: "Maulana! Maulana's under such-and such tent!" Then someone said "Maulana Maududi" and that rang a bell!  I said "Wow! Maulana Maududi!" I recalled reading some of his books from my father's library. So I said, let me find out where he is. While I'm thinking that, someone came; "Brother Wallace!" I said, "Yes." "Maulana Maududi wants you in his tent." And they came and got me and took me to his tent, and I met him and sat right near him.

He said this: "We have to be very aware and careful that we do not try to guide the Muslims in America — assist them, but don't try to lead them." That's what he told me on Arafat, with the tent full and they were all outside the tent. He was very popular with the Pakistanis and the Indians. He was of Pakistan and of the Indian people.

Q: Now we have celebrated Eidul Adha here for many years. Tell us about celebrating the Eid in Mecca. What's it like and also making the Eid Prayers while we're there?

Imam Mohammed: Eidul Adha in Mecca is much different from Eidul Adha away from Mecca. And it's simply because Eidul Adha is celebrated on the 10th day of the Hajj. It is the climax, the highlight of the Hajj, the meeting on Arafat, according to Muhammed the Prophet or the Rites of Hajj.  In Mecca, in the Holy Precincts, you are experiencing the difficulty of Hajj and also the wonderful blessing of Hajj with many Muslims from all over the world -celebrating the sacrifice of Abraham (PBUH) on Eidul Adha. You celebrate it with all those whom you unconsciously but strongly feel a bond with now, because you went through this together. And the crowd is oh so many times magnified, and the celebration too is so many times magnified! So I think that's the difference.
The difference is you are there and you have gone through difficulty and you have received many blessings. Now you are celebrating with so many Muslims from so many different faces and dress and languages, etc.

Strive for Community Life

2005Thank you, Sis. Sahirah, International President of this great women's international organization. We are very proud of them. They dignify all of us with their service to humanity, especially to the women who need their services, who need their help. And we know that if you help a woman, you help many.
Prayers and the peace be on our Prophet Muhammed. That is the traditional salute to him. He said to one who was asking him how to share himself with this mother and father, who had become of old age and both of them needed his help. He was asking the Prophet how was he to share himself with his mother and father.

The Prophet said to him, "Help your mother." The man was still waiting for more from the Prophet. The Prophet again said, "Help your mother." And then he said, "And help your father." So the emphasis is on the mother, and the mother is symbolic of the collective group, the family, the community, the congregation. We have a sign in the House that we turn to when we worship in prayer, in congregation and prayer. The House is called Ka'bah, and Ka'bah means "connection." And G-d says to us in our Holy Book of the House that we call Ka'bah, that in it are blessings for many people. For Muslims all over the world, it is a sign.

It is a sign that scholars in Islam say is the Fifth Pillar, a sign of the unity of all mankind. It is the Fifth Pillar or fifth essential in the practices of Muslims. And there are five of those essentials.
The First of them is to witness that there is One G-d, Who is responsible for everything, bringing into existence everything that exists. That is The Creator, and we witness that He is One. And we witness that Muhammed (PBUH) is His Messenger. Second is Prayer, to worship that One. Once we acknowledge that He is G-d, we should worship that G-d.

Third is to give in Charity. Fourth is to Fast, to restrain ourselves for G-d. G-d says in an inspired Hadith (saying of the Prophet), "Fasting is for Me." He says, "Let the fasting person know who sincerely fasts in the month of Ramadan" - that's the Fast month for us - that "the breath of the fasting person with G-d is like the best perfume in the nose of the people."  That is how much G-d loves one who fasts for the sake of obeying G-d, having a disciplined life and obedience to G-d.

And the Fifth and last of those fundamental practices is to make Pilgrimage to visit the House.
Life is all about making connections. To have life, you have to make the first connection. That's what the President in the New England area has just done about two weeks ago. She made the connection, she and her husband who is an Imam I have known for some time. Although I have never had any personal dealings with him, I feel as though he is my personal friend, Imam Dawud. May Allah bless this union with all the joys that you all want and expect. Ameen.

So life is all about connections. And then G-d wants us to know that even the forming of life in the body of our mother and her body, the forming of life is connections. He gives us the water and the thickening of water adhering, water trying to hold firmly together. Blood is forming together, adhering, and then the fetus lump; the flesh now has formed and is holding. And it goes on to bone forming in the flesh. Then Allah says He covers the body with flesh, and after that there is another creation. So G-d wants us to know our two creations. We have one creation that's flesh, special flesh, human flesh. It belongs to the animal world, but once the human spirit comes into it, it shouldn't be animal anymore. It should be human.

He wants us to know we have two creations. Then we are created all over again, and that's the human person inside the body. Religion, not just Islam - but the great religions, are all about acquainting us with the life inside the body, that second creation.  It is the true life and G-d says of that life, He formed you in your mother and He formed your picture and made it most excellent in your mother. When the baby is delivered, you see a beautiful baby girl or a beautiful baby boy. And we see a picture and want that picture, that new baby. We've got to have that picture.  G-d said he formed all our pictures in our mothers. He made your picture most beautiful, most excellent, the most handsome one. That's the human spirit and the human personality that G-d wants us to have in common with each other.

We should have one human spirit accepting all people in the family of man or human family. We should have one basic spiritual nature. It's all about respect. It's all about giving, struggling, striving. Muhammed the Prophet (PBUH), when he was concluding his mission, he said many things. But one thing he said because he was persecuted and had to fight to free religion. He said G-d ordered him to fight until the religion is no more persecuted, and the people are free to worship under G-d. This is Qur'an. This is the Word of G-d through Muhammed, the Prophet (PBUH). He said to the people - he didn't say "no more wars," but that's what I think he meant. "After this is only Taqwa and Jihad." Taqwa is a word we use for sacred respect. It is translated as fear sometimes, but it means sacred respect.
The fear is the fear to break that respect, to lose that respect. And G-d says, "And fear G-d." But it also means give G-d the respect that G-d is due. And, "All of your close family ties begin with mom and dad." Muslims, like Christians, are supposed to hold the life of family sacred. And anyone who violates the family commits a very bad sin. Whether it be an outsider, an enemy of the family or a member of the family, when you violate the respect we should have for family, it is a major sin. G-d has placed nothing before family, except Him. He also says, "Close family members who have close family ties have first rights in the Book of G-d," In America, I learned when I was a child that charity starts at home and spreads abroad. Take care of family first. This is both Christianity and Islam.

Life begins for human beings in Heaven. The person who loves G-d doesn't worry; if G-d says their life begins in Heaven, that's good enough for them.  They are not going to get pencil and paper and try to figure out things. We can see that life starts in Heaven every time we look at the little baby that mama delivered; that's that heavenly life. The baby comes here with a spirit that has not been changed.  The world can change. Mom and dad can change. But that baby comes here with a spirit, the same spirit that G-d gave the first baby that was put on this earth, that existed on earth or in Heaven. G-d wants us to know that He is going to guide us. He is going to put us in circumstances that are going to be too much for us. He says the creation of Heaven and earth is a bigger creation than that of man.

Why does He say that? He says that, to tell all of us that the human being is not able to manage this material world, that we have to be supported upon, without the Help and Guidance from G-d.
We know that in the story of the beginning of mankind, a kind of a Genesis in Qur'an, G-d said there was a rebel in the Heavens that we call Iblis. The Christian language would call him Satan; the Arabic word or Qur'anic word is Shaitan.  There was a rebel among the Angels. His name was Iblis, and he did not accept that man should be made a khalifah in the earth. Khalifah in the earth means one responsible for rule or authority that human life should have in the earth. Iblis did not accept that; he didn't like that and was not a true Angel but one of the Jinns.

Angels are made of Pure Light. Jinns are made of fire. Jinns are made as passionate creatures. When Iblis did not accept G-d's Will, G-d said to him, "Get you down from here, all of you." Because of what this Jinn did, man also was sent down for human life, sent down from Heaven to the earth.
"Get down into the earth, into life. There, you will find all of your needs, and there you will die, and from there you will be raised up again." G-d is saying that man's life is to be lived on earth in the community of people, human beings. Man is not an Angel. He has angelic qualities; he can serve in the role of an Angel; he can even behave as an Angel, which is rare. Man's description is human, not Angel.

G-d said, "If the earth had been populated with Angels, He would have sent you an Angel as a Messenger." He didn't. He sent you a human person, Muhammed the human mortal, as he is called in the Qur'an.  G-d is telling us that we have to accept to live in circumstances that we have on earth. We have to have G-d's Help to manage, because without G-d's Help, it is too much for us.
We don't have to tell too many mothers in the ghettos that. She knows it's too much for her. Her children turn to the street, and she can't call them back. There is nothing she can do about it but just see her children go the way of the streets.  She can call everybody and not get any help. Everybody comes, but hardly ever anybody can help. Her children are gone.

That's because the world is a bigger influence than human influence. If we let the world and the circum-stances in the environment that we have in the world, if we let those circumstances and that environment go against human life, then we lose our children to that life, that Pope John Paul II, who has passed - may G-d have him in Paradise and Peace, Ameen - "the Culture of Death."  He called that cultural influence we have in the street that is negative and against human decency, and these are his exact words, "the Culture of Death." So G-d wants us to have leaders who have the faith and spirit that they can manage circumstances in their environment and influence the environment, so the environment supports the human life that G-d wants for us.

Muslims are not only obligated to take care of their souls - yes, we are - but those of their families as well. G-d says take care of your families. "Save yourselves and your families from the Fires of Hell." Those fires are not just burning below the surface of the ground. They are burning wherever we are, and many of us are better than six feet below the surface of the ground.  We think we are walking on the ground, but we are not. We are more than six feet under, and the Hell Fires are leaping all over us.
We want to be able to manage circumstances. We can't do this alone; that's why G-d wants us to be a community. G-d says, "You are a community."

He doesn't want us to be anything but a community. The congregation is supposed to be the congregation of the community. The Muslims are a congregation.  Congregation means coming together, holding together. He could have used another word, which would make you want to think of comparing yourself to some other community. But He said, "... And you are the Best Community evolved for the good of all people...."  We want to strive for community life, and we want to have our community life in the way that G-d guides us to have it and to have that community life welcome all people.  We are family. Humans are family. So we have to welcome all people who belong to the family of human beings. Welcome them and see no differences.

When you come to lie point where , ou meet them and you become friends with them as good persons and you come to the point that you've forgotten that this person belongs to another race, you've forgotten that person belongs to another religion, you become friends, you welcome each other, you live with each other and go places with each other, greeting each other "hi" and "how is your family," asking about each other's relatives - when you reach that point, you have joined and have successfully come back into the family of mankind as created by G-d. And you will be in heaven.  Muhammed, the Prophet (PBUH), our Prophet, the Prophet of the Qur'an, made faith a condition of love and made faith also a condition of getting into Paradise. He said, and I am quoting him word for word, "Never will you enter Paradise, until you have faith. And never will you have Faith, until you practice loving one another."

In the beginning of the Nation of Islam around 1931, we have the records saying that the teacher of the Nation of Islam came from overseas and began teaching in Detroit, Michigan, where the first Temple was established. And the first chapter of this great International League of Muslim Women organization was established too in Detroit.  The Nation of Islam, as I knew it - I was born in 1933 and remember 1943 and 1953; that's 20 years. All of those years, if you met a member of the Nation of Islam and you told them you were a member, they automatically accepted you as their brother and sister and you could feel that love.

We had love for one another. That's what was strong among us, that we had love for one another. We lost that during the change, when we stopped thinking about G-d so much and started thinking about ourselves - getting money, Black Power. All that took it away. We lost that genuine love we had for one another. Over recent years, the past 10 years at least, I see that love growing again. And the International League of Muslim Women is really a great haven of love for one another. That, we feel. And you are helping us grow that love back. You are helping the community grow that love back that we lost. We are getting it back.  We have to understand, too, that we need special efforts like the International League of Muslim Women, special organized efforts. People should look for coming together. People should look for those of similar minds, when you want to do things, when you have a need that is not being fulfilled, it's strong in you and you want to do something about the situation.
Look for those who have your kind of thinking, your mind. Look for those in whose mind is the same fire burning, burning for something special. Then you group with those of like minds. You should group together and have your leader. When people come together, the leader manifests. The one who is best qualified will be known, and you'll have a leader.

This is how we want to multiply productive work. We want it to multiply. Let's not stop the work of the International League of Muslim Women. Let's find out what's the need in our community. Let us say, "Hey, I'm not going to wait for Imam W. Deen Mohammed to say 'shazaam' and create this.  "He is not superstitious; he doesn't believe in that kind of magic. I'm going to do something like these women have done, like Sis. Sahirah Muhammad." Praise be to Allah. We thank Allah for her and all these great sisters.  Don't forget to identify with the "striving for," and today we are still the "striving for." If I remain the leader, I'm going to be the leader of the "striving for." When you get rich, I'm going to retire and will ask you for money. But I will always be the leader of the "striving for."
I think that is what Muhammed the Prophet (PBUH) meant, when he said he was offered two ways to go. He was offered to travel through the mountains, and he was offered to travel through the plains. He said he chose to travel through the plains. So identify with the "striving for" firstly, right at home in your community.

Identify with the "striving for," and let us test our leaders, when they come before us to lead us. Let us see if they have love and compassion for the "striving for," not the "lazy for." See if they love and care to serve the needs of the "striving for." If they do, then they are the leaders who we want and they must show us by their actions that they love human beings, that they love people.  That they are not just working for the dollar or working to pay their bills. That they are working because they love people and want to see the whole life better, not just one life or some better - but all the life better. Then we should support them.  I'm saying this because we live in a time when most of us have lost our human life. We are in human form, but we have lost our human life and are subject to have show-off leaders and people who are promoting self-interest, first and last. Those people will deceive us and themselves. All of us lose, when we accept such persons as our leaders.

So in my conclusion, we want to keep Taqwa and Jihad. Keep the Sacred Respect that G-d wants us to have, for G-d first, but also for human relationships, especially those family ties and all things that He, G-d, has made sacred. Then we want to always identify with people who are striving for a better life.  Thank you, and Peace be unto you. As-Salaam-Alaikum.

An Islamic Formula for a Successful Life

1988 Los Angeles - When it comes to a whole lot of people, a whole group, the masses, black, white, green or whatever color, when it comes to these big groups of poor people, they will point out the fact, but they don't point to the fact until after one of the poor have already called the attention of one of the members of his own lot to the problem They weren't talking about the poor self-esteem of blacks, until (Marcus) Garvey, Frederick Douglass before him, Drew Ali, and many others did and especially the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, they weren't talking about it until they made the point, that the black man has been derived of a comfortable self-image. That he has been told lies about his own individual human worth. And that has to be corrected if the black man is to meet the challenges of the modern times, and competitive world society. It was members of our lot that told us before the social scientists, the so-called learned Western scientists came out and began to make an issue, to get help for the problems.

And believe me, no matter how sincere these people are in education, in the social fields no matter how sincere they are, they can't do but so much. Their ability to help the masses, is greatly limited. They will spend on individual problems, but they will not spend significant amounts on satisfying the problem of the masses.  And if they start to spend to correct t he malfunction in the masses, (and I'm not talking about blacks only) now, the masses-the uneducated, the un-established, the uprooted, that's who I'm talking about. If they spend they will not spend, and if they spend, there will be right away, a counter-movement against their spending. And that movement will be secretly spending to undermine what they are trying to accomplish. I said 'secretly': you won't be aware of what's happening. All of a sudden you've got freedom that you didn't have before; all of a sudden they are promoting liberty on your part that you didn't have before, you didn't dream of, you were even afraid to think of, telling you that you can freak off, and do whatever you like. That's to take the masses away that need help, that come to them.

Now, I'm not telling most of you anything; you know this. But, sometimes you have to be reminded, that the masses are an unwanted lot, they are only wanted in servant roles, and if there is no need for them in servant roles, they are regarded as a burden on society. Now, am I saying this to excite you, to rile you, to make you become dissatisfied or angry, with the Establishment? No! I am saying this to get you to see that you must be responsible for yourself, and whatever help comes to you accept it, if it comes from clean hands, accept it, be grateful to God and be grateful to your fellow man. But don't depend on that — for great help comes in seasons, but you have to live throughout the year. And my religion tells me, that I should direct my attention to a blessed tree, whose fruit comes in every season, and that isn't the world. The world's fruit is seasonal. You remember the seasons of (President) Kennedy, and the season of President Johnson, and now you are in the season of President Reagan. So you know something about seasons don't you? And I think the Christians say, there are those who can read the face of heaven, but can't read the signs of the seasons.

They can look at the sky and say it's going to rain, they see the clouds up there, and they believe most likely, that those are rain clouds, so they say it's going to rain, and they see the winds blowing the clouds, they say it's going to be fair weather. But they can't look down here where everything is happening all around them, and say hey, it's winter in June (laughter).

It is important to know that Scripture will focus on man as an identity, which is the answer for the identity conflict and identity burden. The Scripture focuses upon man's identity as universal man, as common man. Now we know our identity differs depending on the interest we give ourselves to. We even identify a person as a mailman, but that identity of his is not as important, not anything consequential as his identity as a creature who is a member in the material universe, and has a role, a purpose and a destiny, in that reality. That definition is much more significant, much more important for the human sense of well-being, sensor of direction, sense of purpose in life, than the simple identification of him as a mailman. But the mailman — that's an identification, isn't it? He's a mailman. See, some of us think that the identity that the traffic cop wants is the important identity; he's Negro, he's black, you're burly, or you're frail. 'I'm black and burly or I'm black and frail; I'm black and homosexual, I'm black and gay,' whatever. I'm not making jokes; I'm very serious. Those are the silly identities that we live with. Tm black and female, I'm black and masculine.' An ape is masculine — more masculine than you. He'll take your pants down. That ape is bad, tough, real burly. So that's not the identity that you should be proud of.

I'm on my topic, "Islamic Formula for a Successful Life." The first step towards being successful is to see yourself, for the moment you see yourself, according to the Prophet, (PBUH), you know your God. How can man know God and not know himself? You have to know yourself first, and you know yourself by looking at yourself in the cosmic reality. "Oh, what is he talking about, cosmic reality!" Look. Matter is continuous, there is a continuity to matter. Matter has a unity, matter has a sameness, matter makes up one family of matter. Stars and all the bodies and things in the universe; you are a citizen of the universe. You were a citizen of the universe before you became a citizen of Africa, or a native son of Africa; you were a citizen of the universe before you became a citizen of the United States; you're first a citizen of the universe. Your identity begins in the universal reality, and that's where you find your essence; that's where you find your nature. God says He made man and patterned him on the pattern which He made the universe. I hope we understand it as I go on.

Allah says, with the Revelation given to Muhammad the Prophet (PBUH), speaking to the Jews' stiff-neckedness, their stubbornness. that God revealed to them, that they should enter the door prostrate. You can enter the door prostrate, if you are ignorant and have been misguided, you can enter the door, prostrate, if the right picture is presented to you. What do we mean by prostrate? The Christians say it in a different way. They say. 'you cannot enter unless you come in as little babes.' God created first for us, the cosmic reality — stars, heavens, earth, all of this combined is one great endless, material reality. Now, maybe you can't be as philosophical as I can be. I heard a white man brag once, and he wasn't a high-class white man; he was a common white man — a common white man, of thought and principle, and he said in my presence: I believe he said it in my ears, but he wasn't looking at me.

I sensed he just wanted me to hear what he was saying. See, sometimes a man can look at a person, and can pretty well guess what kind of mind is in that person, and when you sense that a mind is in that person that may hear something that other minds won't hear, and you've been wanting to tell some black man that, the white man will tell that in the ear of that man, that he thinks will listen. So this white man said, 'the white man has great imagination, and that has accounted for his success.' That's what he said. You'd be surprised how help comes to people, from unexpected places.

Now, I agree with that man. Great imagination; imagination that strains itself to comprehend unreachable boundaries of this real environment, not imagination that sees what it can do unreal. See, the fools have great imagination too, but they stretch their imagination to see what they can do that's unheard of, that's unidentifiable, that has no place in the continuity of reality. They want to do something that's freaked way out, that's way-out. So their fiction is not appreciated by the critics of fiction, and they wonder 'how come, you see how they do us, man? Now you now the black man can write, man! The heavy prose, all the great fiction that we write, man. when do we get any recognition for our popular books, the popular fiction of our writers, man?' Your fiction is fictitious' It has no real reference! It's not a message of the truth' in strange apparel! It's just strange through and through! We need to know these things, so we can get our life into our own hands.

So dear beloved people, when talking about self-image, the importance of self-image for a healthy sense of well-being, the bigger picture i> the situation for the smaller picture. If you put a small picture in isolation, you are in trouble. But if you take the small picture and put it in the framework of the lug picture, now you've got a relationship, now you've got reality connected. Now you've got some way of defining the limiting definitions. See, the black man just keeps on going with the definitions of black. 'Yeah, black is beautiful, man.' Now, that's some light stuff to say about your identity as a race. Birds are beautiful — that's not a racial classification. 'Well, we needed that to come back from the negative things t he white man.' Well, all you can do is 'tit-for-tat".' He hit you on the shoulder, you hit him on the shoulder? That's child's stuff. He calls you ugly, don't try and prove yourself beautiful. He calls you ugly, try to prove yourself wealthy, or try to prove yourself wise; go for a bigger victory. He calls you ugly, don't go for that little shallow victor, that he's trying to influence you with, go for a bigger victory.

He'll say. 'you niggers are sure ugly,' you say, 'keep quiet, brothers, let's see if we can show him we're sure wise.' Because he'll let his daughter marry an ugly wise man, and while we are on this facet of the puzzle, you have to understand this, that all white people are not beautiful. Now, they know that. When the white man thinks of himself as the ideal race, with the idea of beauty and all that, he's aware, that some of his people are hideous. He knows that some of his people are so ugly that if he met them at high noon, he would be afraid. He knows that! But lifting himself up. as the ideal picture of man's beauty, has influenced you to think, that he ain't ugly! Sure, white people are beautiful, but white people are also ugly, with all their straight hair. A straight-haired orangutan doesn't make him beautiful. But some straight-haired blacks think that they are OK, that they are beautiful just because their hair is straight. Some are so ugly that they should be apologizing every time they see somebody. But his hair is straight, so he's not even conscious of it — he doesn't even know he's ugly.

And some old brainwashed victim of the white man's psychology, from the women, she'll be fine, she doesn't see anything but his straight hair. She'll have a baby and the baby will be born bald-headed, and ain't nothing there but the orangutan, and she's ashamed for people to come over 'and see my baby' because she married a head of hair.

So in order to work safely with any concept, you've got to see that concept in it> reality. And it is the cosmic concept that has given birth to every other concept— every animal, every plant, human being, body, every stone, every crystal. forms in the concept of the cosmic world.

The white man has that understanding; he makes fiction and he pictures his heroes as cosmic heroes. They don't have United States citizenship. They've got a citizenship in a cosmic galaxy. Now you tell me that hero's concern is as small as yours? No, your narrow picture of your identity makes you very small. Allah says, 'O man, think not that your reality is bigger than the external reality.' He patterned man's life and His reality on the order of the universe. You have universal disciplines in your nature, in your being by nature, and it is those universal disciplines that account for your well-being. If you lose those universal disciplines, you will lose your sense of well-being.

So we need the big picture in order to identify the small one, to find the place for the small one, the value of the small one.

We need to know the role of matter cosmic reality in order to appreciate the role of man. And Allah says the heavens, the stars, the moon, all of those things glorify God. all of those things conform to His purpose, all of those things conform to His will, all of those things follow the nature and aim that He gave them. And for that reason, they remain; their function is preserved for them, while man is constantly losing his function as the excellent creature that God created him to be.

Racist views of ourselves did not come to us from common, natural man. It came from man who gained the feel, the insight, the feel to confuse reality, and pass on pride to the fools that he himself pretends to buy, but does not buy, but only-sells it. If you think racist America was able to achieve the greatness that America achieved in the last hundred years, you are yourself ignorant. It was not racist America that achieved that, no; they used racism as an excuse to keep you out of the competition, to keep you fighting them in a battlefield of nonsense. "What the heck difference do it make if you white or I'm black" or "I'm superior because I'm white - white is better than black" and then we're going to counter, "I'm black and I'm better'n you." "Your skin burns in the sun; mine doesn't. You get sun rash, I don't." And when they come back, they talk about you.